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 Extended Stay Hotel                                           

Homestead Village Milpitas
Extended Stay Hotel Operating System


  • To structure and document an operating system for an extended stay hotel chain at the time when it consisted of 30 properties and was rapidly growing to meet a goal of 200 properties nationwide. 
  • The objective was to review and revise operating systems in place in order to accommodate the expected high rate of growth in an efficient manner.
  • The initial step consisted of working at a property for a week and experiencing a different function each day (Housekeeping, Maintenance, Front Desk, Marketing and Management) in order to understand the grass root issues. 
  • Systems were documented in their current form (Employee Compensation, Employee Duties, Marketing, Opening a New Property, Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment and Security).
  • Each system was then reviewed, revised and documented in a procedure book which was utilized to provide support and train the existing and rapidly growing number of new employees.
  • A segmented compensation plan for each of the employee functions was presented at each of the property hub cities in both English and Spanish
  • Employee job descriptions and duties were developed and distributed for each job function
  • New collateral materials were developed, printed and distributed to support the marketing efforts
  • A cookbook-style guide that detailed marketing and opening procedures to be followed from 12 weeks before opening through two weeks after opening were developed and implemented
  • All FF&E was re-designed, re-sourced and re-priced and a new procurement company was hired
  • All properties were reviewed by a security consultant and procedures were developed and implemented to enhance the security and safety of both the guests and the employees